The Tongues of Men

A novel in redraft by Gabriel Smy

In which I finish my first draft and share teenage love on the internet

Today was a funny one. Firstly the hand-crafted envelopes bearing my teenage infatuation with Mary got retweeted to high heaven and much-viewed on Flickr. People seemed to enjoy them, and it reminded them of their young love and the creative things they used to do for their partners, which was entirely the point (I have decided afterwards).

But what a distraction, because today I was hoping to complete the first draft of The Tongues of Men, not talk with strangers about how the postal service has declined since the 1990s when a postman would do everything within his powers to decipher an obscure address for the princely sum of 26p first class!

I even had an offer from a journalist keen to get my 'love story' in a woman's magazine (that's the envelope one, not the novel).

But eventually I managed to buckle down and write for a good portion of the day, finishing the final chapter just at the close of the day. It probably isn't quite a full first draft, because there are a couple of additions I need to make earlier on in the book, but it is the complete writing of all the sections I planned to write all that time ago when I planned it, a sort of filling-out of the novel's body. It lives, with all its vital organs.

There are all sorts of levels of pain still to come with redrafting and revising and editing like a Samurai (with a massive Samurai sword) before I even approach the shores of publication, but this is some sort of milestone.

And it feels great.

Most of it may be rubbish but it's 95,000 words more rubbish than I had when I started so that's something. Emergency babysitter is procured and Mary and I are going out for a wee supper to celebrate (with prosecco, not envelopes).

Thanks for all your kind words.


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  • Nathan said...
    7 July 2011 at 11:40
    Woooooooot! Well done chap. First hurdle well and truly vaulted like a ruddy pro. Really chuffed for you =oD Keep it up!

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