The Tongues of Men

A novel in redraft by Gabriel Smy

The God Lab, Tiny Sunbirds, Fingersmith

Congratulations to Roger Bretherton, senior lecturer in psychology at Lincoln University and extremely nice bloke, whose book The God Lab is now out and can be ordered on Amazon. It's psychology meets the sermon on the mount. Whenever I've heard Roger presenting this material it has been insightful and intelligent, and the book will be equally so.

I've known Roger since student days. Three years ago we were presenting a church leadership training weekend together and sharing a room. I warned him that sometimes I talk in my sleep, even walk around a bit, and after the first night I checked with him that I hadn't done anything inappropriate. He quietly said that I had pulled back my covers in the middle of the night and patted the bed, encouraging him to climb in.

Just the sort of thing you don't want to do to a psychologist. Still. I'd rather you heard it from me.

Another book launching this week is Christie Watson's Tiny Sunbirds Far Away. It is a novel about a privileged Nigerian family having to adapt to poor country life, told in the voice of the daughter. I met Christie at Anjali Joseph's book launch – they did the renowned UEA Creative Writing MA together. I have every reason to imagine that it will be brilliantly written too.

I have never asked her to climb into my bed.

If you like following authors on Twitter they are @tinysunbird and @anjalij.

Finally, if you want a copy of Fingersmith I still have some to give away. Just say aye in the comments and I'll work out a way to get a copy to you.


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  • Phill Dolby said...
    13 March 2011 at 16:28

    Thanks Gabriel - yet to read that X

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