The Tongues of Men

A novel in redraft by Gabriel Smy

The Tongues of Men are go

Why blog about writing a novel? 

Because I know that some of you are interested in following my progress. I’ll pop up some excerpts form the book so far as well as any news (when there is any).

It will be an added incentive for me to keep writing. A sort of public accountability. As long as you promise to be gentle.

I need the feedback. I don’t like feedback, but I need it. Says through gritted teeth: so let me know what you think about the book so far. Gulps.

I might stumble across writing tips. Like never say ‘I’ll see how I feel in the morning’ or ‘just one more episode of CSI’ or ‘another glass of Marsala should help’. If I do, I’ll share them. You let me know if they sound any good.

More likely by far, you’ll have tips to share with me. And I would love to know what they are. Does it get easier to overcome the hurdles later on?

I want to connect with other people working on books. This is my way of saying hello. What are you writing?

Blogging is a way of kicking up a bit of dust around the project and in time creating an online trail for friends, publishers, agents, other writers to follow. Hopefully that will lend to a build up of credibility and anticipation. We’ll see.

So there we are. The Tongues of Men blog is away. I'll be posting once a week, with a few extras in my novel-writing weeks. I'm looking forward to your comments, and am grateful to have some friends with whom to share this journey. Cheers.


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  • lisa ansell said...
    13 August 2009 at 15:00
    If I read your book and give you feedback, will you do same. Honest feedback though- tis blog= not book?
  • Gabriel said...
    17 August 2009 at 14:27
    Hi Lisa. I found your blog funny and moving. Definitely made me want to read more.

    I'm not ready to show people a manuscript yet. There is not enough of it, for a start, and I don't know who I would want to read it either. I'm going to put off the accompanying creative crisis for a while longer...

    Thanks for the offer though, and for stopping by. Keep putting your stuff out there, it's good.

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